You know the's a website that looks so out of date, if it was

one of your staff, it wouldn't have changed it's shirt for 5 years and

desperately needs a haircut (it might even have a little bit of toothpaste in it's beard).

If it was one of your human staff or team members, we're pretty sure you would have asked them to
tidy themselves up by now.
Somehow, we let our website and marketing materials get away with it.

So what can you do about it?

That's where we come in. We can guide you through the process of working out exactly what it is you
need your website to do. The best thing is, if you then choose us to design and develop your website,
this consulting service is FREE!

Why would you choose us to guide you through this monsterous mine field?

We have been creating websites for over 13 years and have spent much of this time designing great
websites that have been customised to suit our clients' needs.
The LavaWorks team consists of two designers, a very clever-clogs developer, and if you require
their services, the smartest copywriter in town.